Thursday, March 26, 2009

JBoss to provide support for Apache CXF

It's been one year since the JBossWS 3.0 release. That marked the JBoss Web Service Framework (WSF) birth and allowed Apache CXF (XFire at that time) and Glassfish Metro webservice stacks to run on the JBoss Application Server.

Since each stack (including the JBossWS Native one) comes with its own specific functional feature set and performance characteristics, the WSF aim is to allow users to deploy the stack that best suits their needs.

While this was indeed possible starting from JBossWS 3.0.0.GA, in the latest months we've been working hard on the integration layer to enlarge the set of features available and tested cross-stack, with the target being making the three WS stacks offer enterprise ready.

This implies hard testing, running the J2EE certification testsuite with all stacks and getting in touch with the Apache and Glassfish community and developers to get and provide fixes for things not working as expected with every stack.

Recently, the collaboration with Apache CXF has become more intense: we've been able to work together on many issues and frequent integration of new CXF releases (which means new features available).

For this reason, yesterday Red Hat officially announced we’ll add full production and developer support for Apache CXF (through JBossWS-CXF) as a core component of our JBoss Enterprise Platforms.

The involvement with Apache CXF will definitely both foster the CXF project and make the JBoss enterprise offer stronger in the WS field.

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