Thursday, February 14, 2013

Maven plugin for JAXWS tools, again!

Back in March 2010 I wrote about our JBossWS Maven plugin for running JAXWS tools (wsconsume and wsprovide). The plugin allows embedding tools' invocation into user Maven projects, so that given a wsdl contract you can e.g. automatically generate stub classes and interfaces for a ws endpoint you want to implement or for an endpoint you want to build a client for.
Yesterday I cut a micro 1.1.1.Final release of the plugin (, which is available on the usual JBoss Maven repository. You're welcome to go and try it.
On that purpose, I've written a small sample project showing how a user project can actually use the wsconsume plugin. It's available on the wiki, have a look and see how easy it's to use it! :-)


Daniel Chapman said...

I can't get wsconsume to work using EAP 6.0.1 (using jbossws cxf stack that comes w/ the eap repo:

Complains about gnu-getopt not found. I see it in the eap repo but only as "-redhat-x" instead of just version 1.0.13. For some reason it won't take the public one and requires that this version 1.0.13 must be downloaded only from eap repo. Any suggestions? I have similar ticket w/ redhat on the issue.

Alessio Soldano said...

sorry for the late processing of your comment. Can you let me know the ticket you opened at Red Hat for the issue and / or post on the JBossWS user forum with more details on the issue / error you get? I'd like to understand if this is something that can be worked around with maven exclusions / inclusions and if it's reproducible in the testsuite for EAP. Btw, is this still a problem with EAP 6.1 or greater?

~ Jono said...

I've never had so much trouble getting a Maven plugin to work. Dependency hell!

1.1.1.Final is the only version of this plugin I could find in the Maven Nexus repository. Sadly I get an error running it (missing dependencies).

Alessio Soldano said...

~ Jono,
you can see the available versions on Nexus repo at .
Regarding the error you're getting, can you provide any detail?


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